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Evidence Match is a unique recruitment platform that is going to show you how to get things done in Human Resources.
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Deliver your best presentation and curriculum in a unique report, using Agile tools.
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What is the Evidence Match?

People are more than just their CVs! So, we created a visual and fun tool, based on gamification, that shows their competencies and values to recruiters. Your recruitment process will never be the same.

Agile tool

Every step uses tools from the Project Management Agile Methods.

Quick analysis

Visual and organized information about the candidate that helps recruiters, HR, and recruitment agencies no matter the business sector.


You can compare candidates and identify their strengths and weaknesses, without bias.
How it works

Let your talent journey begin!

Step by step, learn how to use Evidence Match after your first interview and CV analysis.


Personal information and Curriculum
Every candidate must share professional and contact information after entering into the recruitment process. Evidence Match will send him a link to start.


Mapping ideas, values and experiences
Candidates can show personal and work experiences on a map, designed in a very fun and challenging way.


Evaluation and motivation
What drives and motivates a candidate? Identify and organize motivation factors, competencies, hard and soft skills on a personal and professional level.


A creative video resume
How much can you tell about yourself in 2 minutes? Candidates must show, in a short video, what distinguishes them from others. This is a different approach and powerful tool that can be the tie-breaking criterion for the recruiter.


One file, all the candidate’s information
The candidate application is now complete. Evidence Match is a digital platform that manages a candidate's profile and helps you choose the best candidate for each position. Knowing your candidates can help you run Human Resources and retain talent.

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Recruitment can be unique and fun. Know how you can improve recruitment and HR tasks with this powerful Agile Tool!
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Evidence Match Report

We know that choosing and managing talent can be a handful. Discover all the benefits of using Evidence Match in your company.

The Report

Know how it works
The Evidence Match Report is a visual document that puts together, in one single file, personal and professional information about your candidates. This report also compares each profile, giving you important insights about who’s the "right match" for each job offer.

Personal Overview

Know how it works
As a recruiter, you can evaluate different aspects of each candidate's personal and work experiences. Knowing their future expectations will help you save more time.

Personal Drivers

Know how it works
What drives a candidate in being the best at his job and joining new work projects? Evidence Match will give you all the answers needed about what motivates each applicant.

Self Assessments

Know how it works
Check all the soft and hard skills each candidate has using Evidence Match. By using Agile tools, this report shows you what are the strongest assets of your candidates. A much-needed help when choosing the RIGHT person for a job!

The Motivating Factors Radar

Know how it works
Have a visual and graphical list of your applicants. Visualize your selection of candidates, based on their skill levels. This will help you decide if they “match” the requirements of your job offers.

Fun for candidates, easier for recruiters.

Evidence Match is a full platform of HR where you can track and organize your daily contacts and also manage each step of the recruitment process. So simple to use, so much to explore.


Manage your data in an intuitive way
Easily create and securely manage subscriptions and recurring invoices in your Dashboard. Manage these tasks in an organized and agile workplace!

Evidence Match

All-in-one tool that manages all your recruitment process
Whether you're a recruitment agency or working in an HR department, this platform will help you save time, organize and treat information about your job offers and applications in just one place.

Evidence Match is the ultimate tool for your HR needs.

Find the best talents, hire the right people and reduce your employees' turnover. Let us do more for your company’s success!
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